Cheerleading Cheers

The coordinated movements and words of cheerleading cheers are rhythmic and fun to perform. Cheerleading for girls can be a great way to exercise and stay in shape while being part of a team. The cheerleading games are great for girls who like to perform in front of an audience.
Learning and memorizing the words to the cheerleading cheers can seem difficult, but most girls soon realize that the words are easy to remember because of their rhythm, rhyme, and song-like qualities. The words must be performed in unison with the movements that accompany them, so many cheerleaders find it helpful to learn the movements and words together. Some cheerleading coaches will also provide written copies of the words of the cheers for the girls to take home and practice.

Cheerleading Cheers

Cheerleading Cheers

Cheerleading stunts require the girls to be in top notch physical shape. The cheerleading cheers often demand that the cheerleaders perform amazing stunts. Some of these stunts include cartwheels, splits, or human pyramid building. A lot of the best stunts are performed by girls who have prior experience in gymnastics or a background in dance.

Some cheerleader cheers are unique and only performed during the halftime show. This show is performed on the basketball court during basketball season or on the football field during football season. These very special cheerleader cheers often showcase an elaborate dance routine, which is performed to a piece of high energy music to really get the crowd going wild.

The cheerleading uniforms are certainly one reason many young ladies want to perform cheerleading cheers. Uniform designs are very detailed and definitely make the wearer stand out from a crowd. Uniforms usually include short skirts, which are optimal for the high kicks and the splits that the cheerleading routines demand. Most cheerleader uniforms now include a pair of athletic pants that are worn over the skirt when the weather gets really cold.

Learning and performing cheerleading cheers gets many girls involved in team sports who would not otherwise be involved. The exercise and performance pieces of this sport make it ideal for young women to participate.

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