Cheerleading Games

Whenever you find a football or basketball team, you will often find a cheerleading squad close behind. Along with being an exercise in physical fitness, cheerleading is a wonderful way to build team spirit, and create a connection between the players and the crowds watching. Whether you enjoy watching amateur cheerleading games or more professional ones, cheerleading games are a delight to see.

Cheerleading Games

Cheerleading Games

If you think of cheerleading as merely waving around pompoms and singing, you are certainly mistaken. Cheerleading games shows you just how talented the men and women on a squad are. Cheerleading stunts ranging from backset tosses to pyramids take years of practice and can only be completed by the most athletic and dedicated cheerleaders. Cheerleaders typically spend hours each day at practice. They may start their day with a jog to keep up their cardiovascular fitness, and then head to the gym to lift weights and build their strength. In addition, most evenings or afternoons are spent practicing cheers and preparing for cheerleading games.

Cheerleaders often cheer for specific teams, but in many cases they compete in a league against other cheerleading squads. For example, a high school team may have cheerleading games each Friday night in order to support the football team, but they would consider it merely a practice or a warm up when compared to their competitions against other squads. There are indoor teams who cheer for basketball games, and outdoor squads cheering for football games.

Cheerleading uniforms can vary greatly depending on the age, team and season. High school age cheerleaders generally wear the famed skirts and tops, although extra layers are often necessary during outdoor games in cool autumn weather when many football players are held. At more professional levels, cheerleaders gain points in creativity through their uniforms, so they can be any color or design imaginable.

The cheerleading cheers you hear in the stands and at competitions are generally used to encourage the players, and raise enthusiasm for the school or team in question. Many cheers are designed to be sung by the crowds as well, making participating exciting and rousing the crowd in excitement.

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